Monday, November 10, 2008

DH and I went to a play tonight. I brought my Haiku bag with me just in case I got an opportunity to knit. The play was rather tedious. Nothing against the actors but given the plot of the play without the context of society in which it was written it was hard to empathize with the characters. And, it was a comedy, not in itself a bad thing just the jokes are said as jokes. The point? During a scene change I whispered to my husband I was going to take out my knitting. He gave me what I could only describe as "the look of death". Possibly because we are only two rows from the stage and the actors would see me knitting. He didn't protest when I knit during intermission.

I went to check out sewing machines today. DH agreed to it because if we can strap DS down in the car long enough he'll fall asleep. The first place I went to see Janome sewing machines is closed on Sunday. The Quilt Patch was 5 minutes away so we went there instead. They are a Bernina only dealer. I have to say that although I was overwhelmed with the machines and all the choices (when did this get complicated) the SA was friendly and patient and showed me every feature available. When I expressed interest in the 82c she explained to me why I should get a higher end model even though it cost a little more (maybe a couple hundred dollars); mainly because after a short time I may find the 82c limiting and frustrating. She didn't attempt to do an insane upsell, she kept my novice level and budget in mind and for that I thank her. She suggested one of the Bernina Activa models, possibly the PE (patchwork edition) because I do want to use it for quilting and home decorating projects. She showed me the Aurora 440 QE knowing I wasn't going to buy it; that is how nice she is. The 440 has the BSR which is amazing, it is a sensor which makes the needle only moves while the fabric is moving, great for free hand quilting. If I did quilting as a side job, definitely something I would consider. One thing I can say about all the Berninas she showed me, they sew like buttah. They make me want to find something to sew. I'm going to hold off getting a machine for a couple of months. There's a lot of knitting I want to finish and some other things I want to get rid of before I get a machine and sewing cabinet taking up space in the house.

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