Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Last night, as part of my big clean out, I organized my yarn stash bin. I grouped my yarn by projects, placed them in a zip lock bag, then labeled the bag with the yarn stats and intended project. I also printed the projects and placed it into the bin. I have room in the bin for 2 or 3 more projects. There is one more project I'm going to put in my bin but it can wait for now.

We had some network problems at work. My boss told me to go out for lunch because it wasn't going to be fixed any time soon. I took the Lady Eleanor stole to my local Starbucks and had a gingerbread latte while I did a some knitting. The stole received attention from a couple of ladies sitting beside me. I think they were sincere when they called it lovely and gorgeous. One of the ladies commented that the knitting must keep me calm. It does. Whenever I knit I am in my happy place.

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