Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Last night I said I was going to practice continental before working on the stole but what really happened was I was really, really sleepy and decided to jump into bed and go unconscious instead.

Tonight, I was good. Punkywunks went down earlier than usual and I took that time to knit. I put on the Sticks 'n String podcast by David Reidy and sat down to finish a row of entrelac on Lady Eleanor. I have recently started listening to this podcast. I'm catching up on his previous episodes; I am now up to Season 3: Local Knitting. What I like about his site is two to three years ago, like me, he took up knitting after not doing it for a long time.

Today I did a search for naturally dyed and/or organic yarns (I don't know if they are considered the same). A couple of my hits have already been profiled as a Lime 'n Violet Etsy Store of the Day so there is no need to mention them here. Go over to the Daily Chum and look around.

For knitters looking for a variety of wool and silk free knitting products I found Knit For Brains
From their website...
Knit for Brains is a shop dedicated to yarn fiends who steer clear of wool, but crave fibers that feel delicious.
Our goal here is to make the growing variety of wool alternatives available to needleworkers far and wide. At Knit for Brains you will find yarns made from organic cotton, bamboo, soy, and more: all renewable fibers that are a dream to work with. Whether you're vegan, allergic, or just antsy to try something different, you will find plenty of wool alternatives and project ideas here.

Here is a knitter I wish to emulate. She is dedicating 2008 to busting her stash. Paraphrasing her post on January 1, she will not buy any (none, nada, zip) yarn during 2008. She is only knitting from what she already has on hand. Check her out at A Little Yarn on the Side.

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