Friday, November 14, 2008

This is going to be quick because I had a rather long day starting with a flat tire on the way to work. I was fortunate that a couple in the car next to me pointed it out and were nice enough to follow me to a gas station to make sure I got there okay. I'm sorry I won't be able to thank them. And, DH was wonderful. He left work to pick me up and drive me in to the office. It probably took 45 minutes to an hour out of his day. Through it all, I had my knitting with me. It did keep me calm, just having it near.

I did some more searching for a namaste knitting bag. I found one for a good price. I don't remember where now. I had it in my cart and was about to get it when I did a quick calculation; $60 is enough Malabrigo to make a decent size wrap or vest. That would be taking away from my stash money, I would rather have the yummy yarn. Now, if someone would like to get me either a Laguna or Malibu bag by Namaste in charcoal or saddle for Hannukah or Christmas, that would be the sweetest thing.

On my sticks
Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole in Noro Silk Garden
I joined in the fourth skein of yarn. It is now up to either 16 or 17 rows and too big for me to attempt standing while knitting. I hope to have this finished, at least cast-off with ends woven, before Thanksgiving.

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