Sunday, November 30, 2008

We got home from visiting my parents for Thanksgiving late last night.

For the trip I packed 3 projects, the Lady Eleanor stole, My So Called Scarf and the yarn for a clapotis. I brought the clapotis just in case I finished the stole while at my parents. I did not touch the stole whatsoever. When you add DD and all the breakable collectibles my mom has in every room of the house you literally get a bull in a fine china shop. Add to that we forgot her portable crib and I spent two evening sitting and laying beside her on a floor I had to limit my knitting to something small and easily put down. The scarf is now half way complete.

I showed my mom what I'm working on and she thought they were nice. She mentioned knitting is something she never learned to do but I think she could pick it up because she crochets. She still has a blanket she made for me over 30 years ago. She sews, too. She made window treatments for her house that look professional. I think she might like getting back into crocheting (and maybe even start knitting). She can sit in front of the TV and do it. Plus, with her volunteer work at the shelter, she could make blankets to give away.

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