Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back from the happiest place on earth

We returned from our 8 day trip to Disney World late this afternoon. I am in knitting withdrawal.

I took a project with me but had absolutely no time to knit on it. From the time we got up in the morning until we put the children to bed at night our day was packed. Because we were in a room instead of a suite, all the lights were off so they would fall asleep. I tried to knit by the dim light of the bathroom but that was impossible. Plus, Addi Turbos are advanced needles. Knitting in the dark with them by a novice just shouldn't be attempted. I got a minor fix through listening to knitting pod casts and audiobooks.

The day we left for vacation, the Harmony interchangeable arrived. Unfortunately, my yarn was backordered so I can't even try my new needles.


I checked the yarn order, it has been pushed even further now it won't ship until October 10.

My husband's contact fluid spilled on my knitting project. It was somewhat blocked because the project bag got more soaked than the yarn that was inside but I could still smell the alpaca when I opened my suitcase.

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