Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Back to knitting (sort of)

Last night after I got my daughter to bed. I met a friend for coffee and knitting. I had every intention to knit but things didn't work out that way.

First, my friend agreed that I should abandon the absolutely fierce arm warmers. They look too much like tube socks. Maybe it is because I used cream for the main color. I like the color combination, just not the ratios.

Second, she brought the knit picks gloss lace and the crochet shawl she made form the yarn with her. For its fineness, gloss is very warm. I can't wait for my lace weight order to finally ship.

I didn't knit anything because we hadn't seen each other for over a week and decided to have coffee and chat instead. I told her about the contact fluid/alpaca incident. She agreed, not cool.

JL has told me that her yarn is Alpaca Cloud not Gloss Lace.

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