Sunday, September 14, 2008

What would I do without the Internet?

If I did not have the Internet, I would give up on knitting. It has been a great resource for learning new techniques. I'm a newbie so everything is a new technique. From the long tail cast on to binding off, I have found everything I am looking for on the Internet. Just a quick search in google and everything I need comes to me. Tonight I needed to learn about short rows and found Cat Bordhi videos on youtube.

Tonight DH asked me when am I going to actually knit something I can wear. Does he not realize I am holding some very pointy sticks in my hand?

I must be transitioning to a real knitter. While knitting, I started thinking why anyone could possibly do this for fun and let loose with some colorful language under my breath. Yet, I didn't stop. I had to continue. Back to the Internet to see what the heck I'm doing wrong.

On my sticks
Ruffles Scarf
This is the source of the swearing tonight. One, as much as I love the Classic Elite Inca Alpaca -- so soft, so pretty -- this stuff sucks when it comes to knitting. It is slippery and comes unraveled as I'm knitting it. This is not beginner yarn. Two, my first attempt to cast on and follow the pattern was a disaster. I had to go back to the net and watch Cat Bordhi's short row video and follow along with leftover yarn from the armwarmer project. Afterwards, I cast on in the left over yarn to work two sides of the scarf before I understood what I was doing. I will do the "real" cast on tomorrow night.

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