Friday, September 5, 2008

Book Review: No Sheep For You

I checked out No Sheep for You by Amy R. Singer from my local library. This is a book that is definitely going to be purchased for my personal knitting library for the first three chapters alone. The first three chapters are a great primer about non-wool fibers.

mini rant:
One of the great things about this book is she demonstrates the suitability and characteristics of a fiber by referencing one of the patterns in the book. There is a reference to a vest pattern to view the characteristics of cruncy silk which I turned to look at. Some selfish low life has ripped the pattern pages out of the book. This is not cool for two reasons. One, which I think is obvious, this is a library book you moron! You don't rip pages out of a library book. Two, if you like the pattern so much, buy the book! That way the artist/designer gets paid for her work. What is odd about this is in my library system, one can go on-line and renew a book as many times as possible. My system does not charge late fees, even if idiot wanted to keep the book to knit the vest and that was past the due date, no worries. And, I do not advocate this, if he or she wanted to cheat the author out of well earned money for her hard work, copy the pattern with a copier.

Now, I know there are so many shades of gray when it comes to author/designer royalties. Some may feel that it is ridiculous to purchase a $20 book for one pattern. Some may not be in a financial situation to purchase a $20 book for one pattern. To that I say, "There are so many free patterns out there, if you like what you see in the book, do a search to find something similar." I know, everyone does not have internet access at home but, it is free at the library. And, if loser could get to the library to rip out a page, then surfing knitty or DROPS or Lion Brand Yarns on a library computer was just a terminal away.

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