Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Stash Avoidance

I am trying to avoid the unavoidable: stash accumulation. I have a mini-stash right now (2 balls from an abandoned knit hat and 1 ball of extra yarn I bought for the arm warmers). I am trying to limit myself to 1 or 2 active projects at a time. But, stash avoidance is hard, especially when Knit Picks sends me an email about the new yarn samplers. The sunset picnic lace sampler has been in and out of my cart many times in the past week.
This is what goes through my mind:
I love the colors they have light, dark, and variegated.
It will make me try something different.
Since I don't know how to knit lace, this is perfect for practicing and learning.
I can use this as scrap yarn to try out patterns before committing to a project.

Then a few minutes later:
This is going to become stash. It will sit in its bag mocking me.

Really, yarn makes me crazy. I think about it all the time. I look at it on ravelry on the time. I like to search for yarn and see how other knitters used them in patterns. I am on the search for the perfect yarn, and the perfect lace yarn in particular.

On my sticks
Absolutely Fierce Arm Warmers
I cast-on the second arm warmer last night and this time I didn't drop any stitches. This one is starting better than the first arm warmer. I debated whether I should buy 16" circulars for the second warmer instead of using dpn's. I concluded I should stick with the dpn's and if I come across another project that needs size 2 needles and my friend neglects to give me that much needed slapping I will get circulars.

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