Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Don't touch my yarn!

Since absolutely fierce is off the sticks I started thinking about doing the entrelac stole in Scarf Style. Many of the ravelers use Noro Silk Garden for this project. I usually stay away from yarn like this. There are a couple of reasons. It looks hideous in a stockinette stitch sweater -- old lady, mom jeans hideous. There was a demo sweater on display at the yarn shop and I thought, "Uggh!" Two, this yarn costs $11.00 a skein. Far cry from knit picks. But, for the entrelac pattern this stole is great, instead of self striping, the color works out in blocks. Here is an example of what it looks like on Fig and Plum.

First, I called ahead to the shop to see if they carried it in the colorway I wanted. They did, so I drove over. They had to go to their stock room to get the colorway I wanted. Some chick had the NERVE to try to touch my yarn before I made a decision about how many skeins I wanted. I came close to slapping her. I bought two skeins.

I brought them home and immediately cast-on. This stuff is super soft. I knit up about 10 rows in stockinette. I can't wait to buy more skeins so I can knit the stole.

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