Sunday, October 12, 2008

Best laid plans...

Today was a busy day for the family. We met my parents for brunch, immediately afterwards we had to go to DH's parents' place so DH and his dad could watch a football game together. I made sure we stopped at home before going to his parents because I wanted to grab my knitting. We got there and after finally getting Punkywunks to go down for a nap, I fell asleep in their big comfy arm chair in their nice warm sunroom. Short version, no knitting.

BTW, MIL totally rocks! She bought me some green tea from my favorite tea store, Teavana.

I finally did some knitting after everyone had fallen asleep. While switching the ruffle scarf from the Addi to the Harmony I found that one of the interchangeable needles won't tighten completely. No worries, I heard Knit Picks customer service is the best.

I also knit a swatch of the Andean Silk. Ohhhh.... It is soft and drapey. I was able to get guage but I'm still thinking about going up a size or two.

On my sticks
Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole

Hibernating Lady E.

Close up of entrelac

This is hibernating. I am at the end of my only skein of Noro and I have no idea when the additional skeins are going to arrive. I love how it is turning. It looks harder than it is. Another great thing about Knit Pick's interchangeables -- the end caps. I took off the needles and replaced with end caps. This also works great if I want to do multiple projects with the same size tips.

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jen said...

you left me...just when i needed you most.