Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking for a knitting bag

I was proud of myself. Instead of going out and buying a new knitting bag I used a diaper bag for carrying around my stuff. But, I hit a road block. The company I work for issued a laptop to me but not a bag to carry it. It fits perfectly in my knitting bag where the changing pad used to be. Plus, with all the pockets it can fit power cords and peripherals, and the big open pocket is great for carrying tech manuals and a Kindle. I guess I'm going to have to buy a knitting bag.

I have it narrowed down to three. The to-go bag by haiku, malibu by namaste and knitter's tote by Eagle Craftstor. They all have their selling points. The haiku bag isn't a knitting bag but it has lots of pockets and could probably hold two medium size projects at once. And, the haiku can go incognito, I could take that to work and noone would know it contains knitting, therefore avoiding the "you're weird" look. The namaste bag is huge. I could probably get an afghan into it. It's somewhat stylish, it could also be on the low down. The knitter's tote, just read the description. My friend JL has one and it rocks. The best parts are the grommets in yarn pockets. She could have two or three projects going and not have to worry about tangled yarn.

Maybe I should buy two bags.

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