Monday, October 6, 2008


I must have it!

But, I'm going to be good and resist buying the extra soft Malabrigo worsted in the most gorgeous graphite color ever. I don't even have a project for it, yet. When I am ready I found the perfect source Eat.Sleep.Knit. It looks like they have every color ever made. I could buy one skein of each, lay them on my bed and just roll in them.

Anyway, no knitting today. I have a sick toddler and she is getting all my attention. She's asleep right now but she can wake up at any moment.

Here's a random thought: my friend JL and I should start a knitting\crochet podcast. We could talk about the best way to make an appletini, why our husbands shouldn't irritate us while we are holding the pointy sticks, knitting bags, making lace (for which she has finally caved), and why my ADD keeps me from finishing a project.

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