Monday, October 27, 2008

I have a set of pattern tamers. I first heard about them in a Manic Purl podcast. If you get a chance listen to it, Chrissy is friendly and easy to listen to and one of the reasons I picked up the sticks for good. Back to the pattern tamers. They, get this, make it easy to read a pattern. If you ever have one of those patterns where the chart makes you go cross-eyed or every row is different, you are going to want a set of these. I used it tonight while I was knitting and instead of making a mark with a sharpie each time I completed a row I just moved the tamer. Get it, get it, get it. And, if you do get a set, please, get it from Yarn Sprout. While you're there get some yarn it's 100% naturally dyed, the colors are beautiful and they are having a sale.

Tonight, I was not planning on doing very much due to being tired from being up early this morning with Punkywunks. We had a quick dinner then got the kids in bed as soon as possible.

On my sticks
Frida Poncho
I knit 4 rows on the Frida poncho because I wanted to use the pattern tamer. Between the pattern tamer and the stitch markers I'm becoming a real knitter.

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