Saturday, October 4, 2008

No knitting today

That doesn't mean something knitting related didn't happen. I chose a knitting bag. It should arrive within the next two weeks. I will take and post pictures when it does.

On my sticks
Ruffles Scarf
This is on hold until the Harmony interchangeables arrive. I want to transfer to them for the rest of the project.

Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole
This was an accidental cast-on. I didn't intend to cast on but the yarn of choice was causing me grief and I wanted to do some practice knitting to determine if I should look for another brand. So far, it looks good. I did the base triangles and the left side triangle of the first row. I'm stuck on picking up the stitches for the first right slanting rectangle. Not really stuck, the stitches are hard to see and I need plently of daylight and few distractions to get this done. I will try it Monday after work when I have some alone time.

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