Friday, October 3, 2008

I have to laugh at myself

Thank you to Amy and everyone else at Knitting Help who made many useful videos for me to follow whenever I get stuck. You are the best. On the site every stitch is demonstrated in both English and Continental style.

I was browsing these videos last night when I was trying to figure out the backward loop cast-on. I was able to cast-on but for some reason could not get the second row knit. It kept unraveling. I gave up and did a long tail cast-on instead thinking my Lady Eleanor might look a little strange but it works.

Then I came across a stitch I didn't know how to do, k1f&b. Back to Knitting Help to learn. I noticed something odd as I watched the video, Amy (I'll assume Amy) did an English style knit different from mine. I watched the basic knit video. She was definitely doing the knit stitch different. This is where I had a good laugh at myself, after all this time, I've been doing the knit stitch wrong; that would explain my unfortunate knitting ventures.

Again, thank you Amy at Knitting Help. My knitting looks much better now.

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