Sunday, October 5, 2008


I consulted the Vogue Knitting Quick Reference Guide and found a solution to the stitch pick up problem. I can use a crochet hook to pick up the stitches. I wasn't able to try it because between watching the kids during the football game, attending a play, and the lack of a crochet hook I didn't have the time.

No knitting againt today. I picked up my sticks a couple of times to look at the scarf but no stitches were made.

I thought about knitting a lot. I took my iPod with me to the play because it is one I don't particularly like but thought better about it because we sit close to the stage and the actors would have given me the look of death if they saw me placing earbuds during their performance. The production values and implementation and acting of the play was fantastic it is the play itself I have never been fond. We went to Romeo and Juliet. They did an interesting twist to this one. In the fashion of Shakespeare's times all the roles were played by male actors. I probably would have enjoyed the play more if it had been one of the other serious plays like King Lear or MacBeth.

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