Friday, October 17, 2008

My new knitting bag arrived. I'm happy with it. It has lots of pockets and it is big enough to carry all the projects I would want.

I brought the Malabrigo to daycare so JL could have a look and feel but, alas, she went to drink and be merry at a knitters' gathering while I had dinner with my FIL.

I borrowed Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard from the library. I fell for her work when I first saw the somewhat cowl. This book is definitely on my "Must Buy" list. I want to make every pattern or a variation in this book. This isn't a book of patterns only. It includes advice and tips regarding designing patterns and how to modify patterns to suit one's personal style. This book along with The Twisted Sisters Knit Sweaters..., another great technique book, are must-haves for my knitting library.

I would post more about my bag and knitting projects but I want to get further on Lady E. II plus take some more photos before doing that.

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jen said...

sigh i'm sorry...i should have been there....