Thursday, October 9, 2008

Yarn Goodies

Today was the best knitting day ever (so far).

The Harmony interchangeable needle set and Andean Silk yarn arrived today. I came home at lunch to get the package. I pulled into my parking space and squealed -- yes, squealed -- with delight when I saw the box. I was going to take the box inside, go back to work, and open it when I got home later but, I couldn't wait. I was ripping it open as I walked over the threshold.

First, the Andean Silk. It is so beautiful and soft. I wanted to rub my face in it. I stroked the yarn for a good 5 minutes. I'm not going to cast on until I get through the first ball of yarn for the ruffle scarf.

Second, the interchangeable needles. How did I live before this? They are awesome. I put one size 8 point and an end cap on a 32" cable. I'm planning on moving the Lady Eleanor to the circular when I finish the row.

I sent an email to JL stating that I had knitting goodies to share. Really I just wanted her to be covet. We made plans to meet at her place tonight for some knitting, drinking and coveting.

I brought my son over. He and her daughter watched movies and played in the basement while we drank wine, ate pizza, knit (which is impacted by wine), and looked through knitting books. Does the day get any better?

On my sticks
Lady Eleanor Entrelac Stole
Because I had a glass of wine and I'm a slow knitter anyway all I accomplished was finishing off the row I was working on and transferring it to the Harmony 32" circular (like buttah). The needles arrived just in time because 10" needles are a tad too small for this project. While I finished the row, I was afraid I was going to drop a stitch.

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