Saturday, October 25, 2008

I had a bad day. First, I went to the mall because DS needs clothes. I hate the mall; it is crowded and noisy. I bought just enough to get him through the week and I will order more online. Second, it's a cold rainy day and I couldn't take the kids out to play. Add to that the play area at the mall is closed. Then a combination of being tired and cooped up all day made Little Bear a beast. All I wanted to do after getting Punkywunks down was knit. That was a disaster.
On my sticks
Frida Poncho
I was going to not knit tonight but thought I could use the relaxation of knitting. A little tip, don't knit angry. My guage changed and I somehow picked up a stitch. Fortunately, I am only on row 11 so frogging this isn't a big deal.

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