Sunday, October 26, 2008

Stitch markers are my friend

We did our usual Sunday ritual and went to DH's parents' place so he could watch the game with his dad. I put Punkywunks down for a nap a little bit before half time. She didn't go down easy so I sat beside her crib and knit while she settled down. Instead of going out into the living room with the rest of the family I stayed in the room with her and knit while she napped. That was relaxing. If I was in a rocking chair it would have been a Norman Rockwell painting.

F.I.L. shared that his mother used to knit, do cross-stitch, and sew. She even worked as a seamstress. She regretted that she wasn't able to do any of it once her eyesight went bad. He had a couple of tablecloths on which she cross stitched. They saved two from his sister's storage space. One for each of our children; I hope they have an appreciation for these heirlooms.

My evening was typical. We got the children off to bed then I knit while DH played video games.

On my sticks
Frida Poncho
I started over again today at my parents-in-law's place. This time it is going much better. I am using a bigger needle and instead of wasting time counting and re-counting I am using stitch markers to block off large sections. Much better. I was able to knit up to what I messed up plus a couple of additional rows. The lace panel in the center takes about 16 stitches but because each row is different it slows me down. I should have the first 24 rows done by tomorrow evening.

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